Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valentine's Mail Box!!

This is the mailbox I was working on making the other day. I used a half sheet of the same Loveland paper that I used on the Mom and Me Valentines. Even though the mailbox won't be part of the class, I thought it would be fun to display them together at the open house and in the store. I like the combination so much, in fact, that I went and bought a few more mailboxes at the Target $pot so I can make some for Etsy! The mailbox itself is pink and the front detaches. To the Loveland paper I added some lace, flowers, rhinestones, and stamping to finish off the design.

I saw everyone making these little mailboxes last year and I thought they were cute, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what you would do with one. I've never been one to get all excited about Valentine's Day, so it just didn't make sense to me. But this year I seem to be in the "Valentine's spirit" and making all sorts of Valentine's projects! I don't know what's up with that, but it did get me started on this project, so I guess it's a good thing, right? This is my first attempt at altering a mailbox and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It reinforced in my mind a love for two things: 1. My Xyron. It made this project SOOOO much easier. 2. Scenic Route scrap strip paper. That stuff is amazing. I love it. Makes me glad I stocked up on some of it a while back. Now I'll have to add this to my collection, too. =D


Janine said...

This is just the most wonderful Valentines project... I love what you did,

Julie Koerber said...

Hey girlie!
Sorry you missed my demo! When Wenda told me you might make it - I was excited to meet you in person. I told her you would have to try to make the trek for stamp camp in March -- hey... maybe you could be a "visiting teacher" and teach with me!
That would be fun! Seriously, you should think about it!