Monday, January 14, 2008

Tissue Flower Tutorial

Here's a fun embellishment!

The other day I got the idea that you could probably die cut a bunch of shapes at the same time if you used tissue paper. Well, when I pulled them from the machine they were layered wonderfully and that gave me a whole new idea... you could layer and emboss them for a really cool embellishment! I tried it over the weekend and used it on a layout this morning... and I love it!

So here's what you do...

1. Fold a piece of tissue paper several times so that you have a few layers to cut through.

2. Using the die cut machine of your choice (though I don't think the Cricut would work for this) cut through the tissue paper with one pass. Any shape would work so long as you have a way to fasten them together.

3. Fasten the layers together near the center so the edges can separate and ruffle out a bit.

4. Press the tissue paper into a Versamark (or other clear embossing ink) pad. make sure to get some of the lower layers, too. It's okay if the layers fold over one another during this process. Once you have it inked, pull the layers apart a little so they are not stuck together.

5. Sprinkle the inked embellishment with UTEE and shake off. Before heating, sprinkle again with clear glitter embossing powder.

6. Carefully heat the embossing crystals on all of the tissue paper layers. Try to aim the heat gun so that it lifts the upper layers when you are heating the lower layers. That keeps all of the layers from getting stuck together. It's okay if some layers stick.

7. Separate the layers that you can and "fluff" them a little so they stand apart from each other.

8. Add a button, ink, or other embellishment to finish as desired.

And there you have it! Your very own custom tissue embellishment. One of the things I think is really cool about using tissue paper with UTEE is that it gives a measure of transparency to the layers. You can see that in the upper petals here:

Here's how I used mine this morning:

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Allison said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your link in the body of your post is perfect since I get an alert right away...thanks so much! I will update the tutorial section ASAP.

Sandy said...

I love it! But how did you "fasten" it before versamarking it?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I used a brad, but you could also use a staple or eyelet... I covered mine with a button, so just about anything would work since it doesn't show!

andrea said...

that it TOO cool! thanks for sharing because I'm totally gonna try doing this!