Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Paperless Crafting

Here's what I spent my afternoon doing yesterday:

... making royal icing flowers to decorate a cake for a shower I'm throwing on Saturday.

Don't look too closely, because they're certainly not perfect, but I think they'll look fine on the cake. I ran out of powdered sugar, so icing wasn't stiff enough for the roses, but I still got a couple I think are keepers. I only have a general idea of what I want the cake to look like, so I just made a bazillion drop flowers in pink and white, some green leaves, and brown lettering so I can sort of pick and choose what I want when it comes time to decorate the cake.

Speaking of the cake, I was going to make that, and some buttercream frosting today. But, that required a trip to the grocery store and when I went to buy the powdered sugar (since I ran out yesterday) I realized that Leif had the car with the carseat in it. Whoops! So he will stop by the store on his way home and pick up my items and I'll have to make the cake and frosting tomorrow afternoon!


Dana said...

have you ever tried using swiss meringue buttercream? it tastes SO much better than regular buttercream and there's NO shortening so it's not repulsive to eat :) try this link if you want to try it :)

lauren said...

if you need anyone to *TEST* any of those flowers...or the icing...or the cake...to insure they are of maximum deliciousness: you only have to ask and i'm your gal! :) (no need to thank me, i'm a full-service friend!)

Julie B said...

Is there anything that you don't do well??? They look great to me, and I will offer to "test" them as well :)