Saturday, January 19, 2008


Let's talk about today, shall we? First off, we started the day by driving to Billings to celebrate my father-in-law's and brother-in-law's birthday. I realized on the way out there that it is also Eliana's 18 month day. We got a late start, and the road conditions required that we drive slower than normal, so we got to Billings late. Before we met up with the family for lunch, though, we stopped by the new Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby... aren't those just beautiful words?? We've had one in TX forever and every time I've been back since we moved away I have to go to HL and shop. It's just so much better than Michael's! *sigh* I've longed for the day when we, too, will have a HL. Bozeman doesn't have one yet, but Billings finally does - that alone warrants the 2+ hour drive over there! Anyway- that's amazingly wonderful thing #1 about today.

While at HL, Leif got some mats cut so we can hang pictures in our basement. I was over in the seasonal and scrapbooking sections snatching up new colors of flocking powder and Cuttlebug dies. I also learned that the Billing HL carries QK dies. Sweet! Didn't get any, though.

While Leif was over in the framing section he gave me a call and said that.... he was standing there looking at a display of Copic Markers! Now, I have been drooling over these silly markers since I started reading Debbie Olson's blog. That woman is amazing!! And dangerous to read.... she has sold me on more things (like Copic Markers and PaperTrey Ink sets) than anyone else! But I digress.... so I ran (almost literally!) over to the framing section and ooohed and aaaahed over the markers. Now, Copics are not cheap. They're like $6 per marker. But HL was having a sale and I got them for $4.50 each! Jackpot!! I will go back at some point and get more once I know exactly what colors, etc, I need for better blending, but I got 8 to start with. A couple blues, a couple pinks, a brown, a gray, a light yellow, and a peachy/pinky one. The blues and pinks blend well, and the gray compliments the others nicely. But I will be back - you can almost bet on it. That is, if I don't decide to join Gina K's copic marker club first.

So... Copic Markers in hand and a huge smile on my face, I made my way back to the scrapbooking section. I picked up a few cool American Crafts papers (that I can't get at my LSS and were on sale 12x12 for 5/$1!!) and headed over to the foam and acrylic stamps section. And there, to my delight, I saw this:

It's a way cool Autumn Leaves stamp set (by Katie Pertiet) that I once saw online and liked. I don't like to pay shipping, though (I'm a cheapskate like that!), so I didn't get it. I haven't seen it anywhere since until today! You know that went right into my cart... $15 gone so easily, LOL! But I'm looking forward to using it and coloring it in with my Copics!

We left HL and ate lunch with the family at Texas Roadhouse. It was fun. It's always disappointing, though, when I stop counting calories for a day so I can just enjoy a meal out for a special occasion. I split a meal with Leif - we shared a Caesar salad, steak, chicken, and I got a baked potato. Here's the disappointing part - I gave myself no calorie restrictions and ate the glorious food ... until I realized that my stomach has shrunk and I can't eat nearly as much before I'm full now! It's a good problem when you're trying to lose weight. But it's sort of disappointing when your potato fills you up and a lonely piece of delicious chicken is still staring you down. *sigh*

Oh - I forgot to mention that I came *thisclose* to meeting a fellow blogger, too! Julie Koerber was attending a demonstration with my mother-in-law just a couple blocks away from us! I would have loved to pop in and meet her, but the framing at HL took much longer than we expected so it didn't happen. Maybe another time. In the meantime, she'll have to settle for a little cyberspace "HI JULIE!!!" and a little visit from those of you who head on over to see her work!

Whew! So with full bellies and goodies in hand, we headed back to Bozeman. The roads were clear, the views beautifully flocked, and we made good time. We pulled up to the house and what did I see on the porch??


It arrived! I wasn't expecting it until Wednesday, and am oh-so-excited!! That baby went right down to the basement (amidst the mess!) and went to work right away, LOL! There are lots of tricks I'm still learning, but it's easy to use and fun to play with. I've made a bunch of little bags and a couple scrapbook pages so far... and I'm sure a TON more playing to come!!! Even if the whole HL/Copic/Stamps excitement hadn't happened, this would have made my day! As it is... today is that much better!

And so I share with you this layout I made of Ellie today. The pictures were taken exactly a year ago, on the day she turned 6 months old. The corners were cut with the Cricut, the title and journaling block stamped with the Frolic set, colored with my Copics (except for the yellow - I actually pulled out my brayer for that!! I don't think I've used my brayer in a couple years...). This layout is the culmination of an amazing day all in one! Lots of fun and it's one more layout done.

Well, it's been a good day, so I'm going to go back to my playing. Happy scrapping!!!

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