Sunday, October 24, 2010

The **NEW** Craft Room!

It's taking shape...

My new craft room will be in the bonus room above the garage of the new house. I am SO excited about it!! Here's what it looks like right now...

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See this space??

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Our builder is still trying to figure out a way to put a dumb waiter in for my to haul my crafting stuff up from the garage instead of having to drag it up the stairs... Wouldn't that be AWESOME! Of course, it's still a pipe dream at this point, but a girl can dream, right??

Friday, October 22, 2010

I couldn't take it any more....

I needed to craft. NEEDED to craft. Mind you, I have only a few craft supplies out any more, but I had enough to put this together the other night:

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I played with a few supplies from the last kit I got (have I mentioned that I think kits are marvelous?) and it was nice to craft again. I miss my craft space. Can't wait for the new one! It's taking shape in the new house, so I'll have to share as it comes together!

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