Thursday, January 24, 2008


Can you tell my excitement???


Their phone lines opened this morning at 10 and I was right there calling in like a crazy woman! I didn't get in on the first Copic Club since I was just thinking about getting into these markers, but I made it for this round - I am one of 40 lucky members. Woohooo! So Gina K will be getting $25 of my craft budget for the next six months and I will be getting 6 copic markers each month. At the end of that time I will have the whole Ciao A set, with a case for them. I'm excited!

Now all I need to do is get myself a blender pen. I didn't see one at HL when I was there last, but I might have overlooked it.

Okay... off to get the dishwasher emptied while I'm in a really good mood! Even dishes can't dampen this one... =D


Julie Koerber said...

OK.... this is soooo not fair. You get into the Copic club (it's ok - I am just jealous because I forgot) AND then, you win the blog candy on CPS. I am in lust for those new Cornish Heritage Farms stamps and you just won them!!! :-) CONGRATS!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Wow! My internet connection was down all afternoon, so I hadn't even seen that I won the stamps yet. WAHOOOO! It's a good, GOOD day!

Jaime said...

I thought really hard about joining one of the copic clubs, but I'm waiting... Maybe your work with them will inspire me to get involved next time around...