Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MIM Challenges for 2008

Yes, MIM challenges are finally back!! Here is my general plan:

I will post a new MIM challenge each week. Each week they will follow a certain theme. For example, last week I posted a sketch. The first week of each month I will be posting a new "Variations on a Sketch" for your enjoyment! The second week I will be doing a product challenge. It will go on like that for the four weeks of each month. I will probably be posting these challenges on Tuesdays, since that is the day the year started on, and the day I posted the first sketch challenge! So, while this schedule may be subject to change, here is the general outline:

Week 1 - Variations on a Sketch
Week 2 - Product / Technique Challenge
Week 3 - Card Challenge
Week 4 - Wild Card!!

If you are a card maker, please join us the third week of each month for the challenge!! If you do sketches, check in the first week of each month! Week 4 can be anything and everything - you'll just have to see what my crazy brain comes up with. And Week 2? Well, that is this week, so you'll see that in a moment!

So why am I doing this? For a couple reasons. First, I think it will get me down to my scrap room on a weekly basis, if not more. Creating keeps me sane, and I'd like to be sane a little more often. Second, I want to inspire people! Several people have requested the MIM challenges come back, so I am bringing them back in a slightly different form. Whether you participate every week of every month, or just now and again, I want to see your work!! Leave a comment linking to your creation so I can take a peek!

Now... today's challenge. Product / Technique challenges are designed to get you thinking outside your typical set of materials and techniques. They will pull me out of my comfort zone and I hope pull you out of yours! So your challenge for this week is...


I don't know about you, but I have gobs of lace. I just got a giant box of it from Freecycle. It is challenging for me to use, though, so I shy away from it. Not this week!! Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to use lace on a card, layout, or project. Be creative!! It doesn't have to be the typical ruffly girly lace... And yes, I'm sure with a little creativity you can even figure out how to use it on a boy page.

So there you have it. I'll be back a while later with a creation of my own to get things going.

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Sandra said...

Hi, I made an altered frame today for this Challenge.