Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've been painting lately

I haven't done much in the craft world this year, though when inspiration strikes I've been painting lately. Mostly on small canvases, just for the joy of creating. Yesterday I went to a friend's house and saw her little girl's owl themed room. These friends are very near and dear to my heart, so last night I went to the craft room and started painting a little owl scene while I prayed for her little girl. I started with the background tree and owl body and when I went to bed, it looked something like this:

This morning I finished it and now am waiting for it to dry so I can write my prayer for her on the back of the canvas. Here's the finished product!

I don't remember exactly what the owls in her room look like or exactly what colors they are, but my hope is that this little painting will make them smile all the same and they will know how loved they are.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Organizing Greeting Cards

I know that I'm low on greeting cards, but every time I sit down to make some, I have no idea what kinds of cards I ought to be making. I mean, do I need more Thank You cards, or Birthday cards, or Blank cards? Who knows? Well, after tonight, I KNOW!

I sat down to organize my cards and came up with these category tabs:

They're designed to be printed on sticker paper, or printed on regular paper and run through a Xyron sticker maker, or even just printed and then adhered with double stick tape. Whatever works for you! Since my printer has trouble with sticker paper, I opted for the regular paper / Xyron option. Then I adhered the tabs to half-sheets of white cardstock and voila! I have card dividers! 

The dividers and cards fit perfectly in some bins I got at Michael's a while back, so I was excited to have a pretty place to store them, while keeping them easily accessible. Here's what it looks like... 

I also now know just WHAT categories I'm running low on, as well as where to get cards when I need them! Hooray!!

If you think having card divider labels would be helpful for you, too, feel free to pick yours up HERE!