Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MIM Wild Card Challenge!!

Are you ready for this week's Wild Card Challenge?? I'm hoping to see some truly wild cards from this! It's a combination challenge, so here you go:

Make a card using hot pink and acetate!

Now a little background on my inspiration for this one... Hot pink is NOT my color. But in my love of all things Hambly, I purchased a Bohemian overlay in - that's right - hot pink. I have loved it, but never known what on earth to do with it! In a different Hambly order, I received several free screenprints, including a limited edition sheet of "Out on a Limb" in kraft / hot pink. Again, cool, but what would I use it for? So the other day I happened to pull them out and put them on the table next to eachother. *dingdingding* A light went on!

So here are my challenge cards:

Have fun!!

(Wild Card Challenge linked to http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com)


Susan Beth said...

Oh my gosh! You are so efficient and busy and at least give the appearance of being calm and relaxed! I cannot believe how much you get done, even with a busy toddler wondering around. It is intimidating to someone like me who so wants to have time to craft and struggles to find it - uses old lay outs for book club projects, and can't manage to put together two days in a row where I actually sit down and work on projects. Must be all that latin homework I have! Ha! Ha! Thanks for getting the KBD blog updated with book club stuff!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Ha ha! SB you make me laugh! I AM calm and relaxed, but that's only because I don't think about the utter disaster that my craft room is again after all of the creating! There's a bunch I haven't even posted yet, LOL! (Have to pace myself, you know...)

lauren said...


geeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :)

i looooooooooove, I LOVE these cards!!! i love hot pink, generally. i LOVE acetate. i love making cards, period. holy mackeral, this is my ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!! do we have untl this weekend?? b/c i don't think i can get to it untl then...but i'm SOOO making a hot pink acetate card! OOOOOOOH!!!

ps: thank you thank you i am one happy papercrafter!!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yep, Lauren, you can do them this weekend! The new challenge doesn't go up until Tuesday! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Sandra said...

For the 5th week challenge I lifted the idea from Lauren and made a layered acetate hot pink card. It's in my blog Titled Sweetheart Card.
Thanks for the challenge it was awesome!