Saturday, January 05, 2008

It is nigh unto midnight....

... 11:55 to be exact.


Whew! It only took a day and a half! I told you it was messy. I had to take a little break this afternoon so I could go to the LSS and pick up my DT stuff for my open house / upcoming class displays. That took a while, but then I was back at it. And now I'm done! Except for the vacuuming, but I think Roomba is down there right now helping me with that one... tee hee!

Okay, so the only reason any of you are still reading is because you want to know who the winner is... well, without further delay, the winner is:


She left the last comment before I started this post, so there will be something special going out in the mail to her!! Congrats!!

Thanks to everyone who commented... it was great motivation! Hope you enjoyed playing...

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