Friday, January 18, 2008

Trying Something New

For the next set of Keepsakes classes I'm trying something new. Maybe it's that Ellie's getting old enough that I want to do projects with her. Maybe it's that I miss teaching kids and was reminded of that during my recent substitute teaching stint. Whatever the cause, I decided that it would be fun if there were scrapbooking classes at Keepsakes for moms to do with their kids. So I proposed one and got it accepted for this quarter's schedule!

The class will run for a couple hours and during that time each mom/kid pair will make 10 valentines - two each of the five designs above. They'll learn some simple techniques like paper tearing, decorative scissors, inking, and line drawing, and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way! Thanks to Scenic Route's Loveland collection, it's easy to get five totally different designs (and 10 cards) from a single sheet of their scrap strip paper. I love these for card making!!

Okay... I'm off to alter a little mailbox in which to display the valentines at the open house next weekend! Ta ta!

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