Saturday, January 26, 2013

Organizing Greeting Cards

I know that I'm low on greeting cards, but every time I sit down to make some, I have no idea what kinds of cards I ought to be making. I mean, do I need more Thank You cards, or Birthday cards, or Blank cards? Who knows? Well, after tonight, I KNOW!

I sat down to organize my cards and came up with these category tabs:

They're designed to be printed on sticker paper, or printed on regular paper and run through a Xyron sticker maker, or even just printed and then adhered with double stick tape. Whatever works for you! Since my printer has trouble with sticker paper, I opted for the regular paper / Xyron option. Then I adhered the tabs to half-sheets of white cardstock and voila! I have card dividers! 

The dividers and cards fit perfectly in some bins I got at Michael's a while back, so I was excited to have a pretty place to store them, while keeping them easily accessible. Here's what it looks like... 

I also now know just WHAT categories I'm running low on, as well as where to get cards when I need them! Hooray!!

If you think having card divider labels would be helpful for you, too, feel free to pick yours up HERE!