Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spinach Craisin Salad

I could have titled this post "Oh, How I Love Oil & Vinegar..." because really, that's what it's all about. I went to refill some of our O&V bottles today while I was out running errands. Leif was working from home while Ellie napped, so I had a few precious moments in town by myself! I forgot how wonderful it is to go into a store like Oil & Vinegar without little toddler hands trying to grab every breakable item in sight! I also forgot how wonderfully relaxing it is to sample the oils and vinegars there.

While the lady was filling my 3 bottles, I sampled yet another vinegar and asked her what it would be used for. Her answer sounded so marvelously delicious that I ran back out to the car to collect 2 more bottles to be filled! (We had 7 or 8 total, but I didn't get them all filled... only most of them!) So I tried her suggestion with dinner. It was amazing! Here's how it works:

Soak craisins in spiced pecan vinegar and microwave for 30 seconds, until craisins have plumped slightly. Sprinkle craisins over a spinach salad and drizzle with roasted walnut oil.

That's it! Super easy and REALLY good. I might just start eating salads again....

And that is why I love Oil & Vinegar today. (Oh - that and because she told me today how to package up the bottles so they'll go through checked luggage next time I go to Texas!)

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Anonymous said...

An oil & Vinegar delivery to Texas!! Yummy - now I'm really excited. We may be able to actually eat ours now instead of just look at it and dream about eating it :-) Mom