Friday, January 25, 2008

More Hambly Cards... and a tutorial of sorts

I told you I've had a lot of crafting time lately... well, here's some of what I've been doing. I'm ALL ABOUT the Hambly cards lately, though so far they've managed to steer clear of my Valentine's obsession. Anyway- here are 3 more Hambly transparency cards and a tutorial:

To make these Hambly cards, you'll need...

one silver Bohemian overlay

one sheet white/kraft Journaling Bits

white Vintage Rub-ons
and a Dymo labeler.

Here's what you do:

Trim the information edge off the overlay. Cut the overlay into thirds so you have three 4x12 strips. Fold the strips in half so you have three 4x6 cards. (hint: It doesn't matter which way you cut the overlay, since the design doesn't have a right or wrong way to go.)

Trim chosen journaling bits out of the kraft paper, following the curves of the design. For these three cards I used the 3 small circles with swirlies, the 3 small squares with flourishes, and 3 of the larger journaling bits, including the "Q" circle, the tall rectangle, and the large square.

Put the large journaling bits on the inside of the cards, and the small squares on the card fronts. Place the small circles on the inside or fronts as they fit best.

Add rub-ons and rhinestones to finish off the card front designs and type greetings out on the dymo labeler.

Here are three more cards I made using the same idea, but with the hot pink overlay and an "Out on a Limb" screenprint.

I love what these cards look like and think I'll have to put in an order for some of the orange overlays and screenprints next. Ooooh... or maybe the lime green Bohemia with the lime on white dandelions.... I can see fun things in my future with these ideas!

(Hambly Overlay Card Tutorial linked to


Jaime said...

This comment doesn't go with your post, but I was wondering where you found your Aleene's Tack it Over & Over (or whatever it's called)? I can't seem to find it anywhere! I was going to buy some of the EZ Mount foam stuff, but it's expensive and if the Aleene's works just as well, I'd rather spend less!

I'm using the CD case storage solution for my clear and unmounted rubber stamps. I'm looking forward to un-mounting some stamps in the future... not the near future, mine you, but the future... :-)

Jaime said...

Aaah, Michael's. I hardly shop there, so I don't think of it. I checked HL and Wal-Mart and neither had it, but I haven't tried Wal-Mart. I'll do that!

I have really liked the Picassa! I'm still learning my camera and how to get good pictures, but the Picassa really helps with the editing! I've saved many photos that I thought would have to be deleted. Thank you so, so much for your advice!

I might be back with more camera questions... :-) Thank you for your help in that area, too!

Elaine said...

Oh Wow! These are super neat! I don't know that I've been so intrigued by the clear stuff before, but this is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!

lauren said...

hello! i have finally made my card! it is not on a transparency base (i SO need some bigger transparencies!) has acryllic AND hot pink! hope that's ok. anyway, it's here:

awesome challenge, thanks!!! :)

Carol Weimer said...

Wow, these overlays are terrific. Keep up the great work, I'll be back for more inspiration.

Tamara said...

you inspired me to PLAY with some of my hambly! only instead of cards i made mini albums! thanks, e!! i posted a few photos on my blog over the weekend.

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yes what a terrific tutorial to go with the Hambly cards ! how original & not too hard for anyone to try !