Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Father's Love

Scrapbook Page

I LOVE these pictures of Ellie and Leif. We were hiking around the river near our house and on the way back, she got tired. So Leif picked her up and carried her home, and she just laid her head on his shoulder the whole way. It was so sweet and I am so thankful for these pictures!

Scrapbook Page

When I showed Eliana this page, she pointed to the feather and said, "I don't think that belongs there." When I asked why not, she told me very matter-of-factly that, "I think it belongs in my feather duster." And so it did! It fell out at some point and I swiped it, knowing it would be fun to use on a page. Ha ha! She caught me! I thought it went well with the outdoorsy theme, though...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little bit of PAINT

A little bit of PAINT

I love these pictures of Ellie painting my mom's toenails. These are the simple every day things I want to remember about my family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Window Shopping

Do you ever go window shopping online? Add things to your cart, just for the satisfaction of doing so, and see how much your whims would cost you?

I am not feeling well today. So I am window shopping. Who knows, maybe I will buy something but right now, I'm just looking. And it makes me happy. =D

From Ormolu's Etsy shop, I apparently want $53 of stuff. Her shop also makes me inspired to pull out some stamps and make some of my own tags and labels and such. Pretty, pretty things!

From Bake It Pretty, if they were a retail shop and I were walking down the aisles, I would apparently have just over $73 of stuff in my cart. It makes me want to bake!

If I got every stamp set I want from Paper Trey Ink, I'd spend a whopping $459. Wow!! If "I really scale it back to the ones that are on my I really "need" that list, the cost drops to $140. Still, wow! I love their stamps...

From Hambly I have a list of papers and overlays totaling $50.40 that I'd love.

So there you have it. My window shopping for the day. =D It's much later now than when I started making this list, and I'm happy to say that all my money is still in my wallet. =D Success!

I believe I can fly...

I believe I can fly

I am not nearly as graceful as Cathy, but I am learning. I LOVE my aerial dance class!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Learn to FLY

I love these pictures of Cathy. She is so graceful, so elegant, and she makes aerial dance look like a breeze! I feel privileged to get to learn from her!

Learn to Fly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lake Fun

This isn't one of my favorite pages, but it turned out okay. I still have more of these pictures from camping at the Hyalite Reservoir last year, too. What am I going to do with them all??

Lake Fun

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet Davey

Sweet Davey, originally uploaded by elizabethwickland.

I was really excited to use these double sided papers for this layout. I didn't have any pictures in mind when I started, just the layout itself, but then I went digging through my box of photos and found these - aren't they perfect for this paper?? Pictures of my dear friend Tam's little boy. He's so sweet!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

winter cookies

winter cookies
Originally uploaded by sweetopia*
I'm thinking these I might actually be able to do... wouldn't they be a fun addition to a Christmas gift? I'm thinking they'd make good tags... ;)

decorated owl cookies

decorated owl cookies
Originally uploaded by sweetopia*
Aren't these the most adorable owl cookies you've ever seen?? I am pretty sure I don't have the ability or patience to make them myself, but I love them!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Do you ever find that there are just some blogs that continually inspire you? I have not been crafting of late again, but I have been finding a few snippets of inspiration. I went through my starred items in Google Reader this morning and thought I'd share what inspires me lately...

Jana Eubank is one of the bloggers whose work I often LOVE. She was one of the SPS designers and I could always find inspiration from her layouts for my kits if I was stuck! This layout I LOVE! It inspires me to play with my die cut paper and do some fussy cutting!

Allie Edwards, queen of simplicity. She ties in more digital elements than I would, but I have a 12x12 black and white baby photo of Eliana that I love and I'm thinking this would be a perfect layout to mimic with it. I love it!

Danielle Flanders is another blogger whose work I love. I have pulled so much inspiration from her blog, especially from her cards! I think this is such a fun layout, though... I love the stitching, and the hopping stars. It's just so cute!
The Prima blog always has beautiful work from their designers. I'm a HUGE fan of Prima products, so I love to see what everyone does with them! I particularly LOOOVE this layout by Jaime Warren. It just makes me want to pull out my patterned papers and start playing with texture and layering!

Anilu Magliore's work first caught my eye when I fell in love with her jewelry designs. She has inspired some of my own favorite pieces and I started following her blog. Then, I watched her get into digiscrapping and it has been fun to see her great eye for design carry over there, too! I'm not a digiscrapper, but I really like this layout. I think as a sketch there's a lot you can do with it!

Jana Eubank again. Love this layout. Love the stars. Love the buttons. Love the twine on the photo. I pretty much love everything about it.
A lot of what I find on the Hambly blog is a little too funky for my tastes. I love their products, though, and I'm glad I follow the blog because occasionally jewels like these come through! I don't know who Kerry Lynn is, but I LOVE the Old School layout. I have old photos. I have lace. And now I have inspiration...

Danielle Flanders again. I am not so much a Halloween person, though I do like the cute things you can make for the holiday. I am thinking, however, that these would make adorable Christmas goodies! I'm tucking that inspiration away in my head for winter...

Is this not the most precious baby album you've ever seen? I absolutely adore it. I love all the detail, its monochromatic beauty. It is so soft, so precious, just like a newborn! I found this gem on the Melissa Francis blog, which I follow just so I can see beautiful stuff like this! The designer was Kileigh Wirth. As a side note, Danielle Flanders designs for this blog, too, which is probably how I found it...

Like I said, not much for Halloween as a holiday, but I love this card! And I have that stamp set. So I might just have to make a few of these cuties! Melissa Phillips' blog is another place I've gotten lots of inspiration over the last couple years. Cute stuff abounds over there!

Again with the hybrid scrappery, I LOVE this layout. It's so fun, so fresh, so artsy. It makes me want to play. CD Muckosky does some really fun stuff.

Lauren Hagerman is someone I "met" on 2peas and then started following her blog. She had a subscription to SPS, too, so that was another connection we had. Recently she posted this project on her blog, and I'd really like to do the same thing one of these days. I love how simple hers is, and yet includes a ton of details. I want to do this.

Danielle Flanders again. I just think this layout is beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. It inspires me in so many ways.

So there you have it. A little of what inspires me these days. Now if I could only sit down and scrap for a bit and actually put this inspiration to use!

I really want to make these...

I saw these beautiful candied apples on one of the blogs I follow. I really want to do this with the apples we picked off our tree this year...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Let them eat cake?

While I love the idea of cake decorating, I have to admit that I am much more enamored with cupcakes. They're easy. They're cute. They don't require cutlery, or a plate, for that matter. Cupcakes are an afternoon. Cakes are, well, a project. So I have been resolved to make Eliana cupcakes for as long as I am able.

I might change my mind, though, since I got a princess crown cake pan today. =D Not something I would ordinarily buy, but Michael's had all (and I mean ALL - even the cake pans!) their princess (and pirate) party supplies on clearance. For $0.25 each. Everything. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I got a princess crown Wilton cake pan for 25 cents.

So don't be surprised if we have a princess themed party in July for a little 4 year old. (And since I got the tip-off from a friend of mine and let another know, don't be surprised if Ellie and ALL her little friends have princess parties with the same decorations, LOL! They're 3 and 4 - are they really going to tire of princesses?) And don't be surprised if there's a princess cake involved. Since I'm not making all the decorations and whatnot, I'll theoretically have a little more time to decorate the cake, right?