Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Make My Day Award!

Stephanie Severin over at Inenious Inkling gave me the You Make my Day Award!! Thank you Steph! I'm passing it along to five bloggers who make MY day...

Check out...

Julie at Out to Impress
Tam at Tam's Treasure Box
Susan Beth at The AJB's and Me
Jana at From My Feathered Nest
Julie at My Life

Thank you so much for making my day!!


Julie Koerber said...

Awwww shucks! Thanks Elizabeth! Are you fully back to the land of the living now?? Hope so! Your mother in law filled me in and said you were trying to be a trouper even though you were sicker than a dog!! (Those were NOT her exact words!!!!)
Take care

Susan Beth said...

Thank you! You make mine too! Often!

Jana Eubank said...

You're so sweet, Elizabeth! Thank you! ;) I've been so crazy busy, that I'm just barely having a peek at this. Sounds like you've been busy, too! Hmmmm. Maybe it's a Spring thing! ;)