Saturday, March 15, 2008

Look what showed up in the Sweet Pea Scraps newsletter!

Spotlight on Guest SweetPea Elizabeth Wickland

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Wickland and I am excited to be the guest designer for Sweet Pea Scraps this month! I started out stamping and cardmaking 17 years ago and transitioned into scrapbooking when I got married in December 2000. Scrapbooking is my creative outlet. It keeps me sane! I have a wonderfully supportive husband and beautiful 19 month old daughter who are the subjects of most of my scrapbooking. As a stay at home mom, I try to scrapbook whenever I have the chance, in the evenings or during naptime. I feel blessed to to live in the beautiful state of Montana and draw a lot of inspiration from the colors and patterns in the natural landscape here. All of the seasons are so beautiful and lend themselves to outdoor activities and a proliferation of pictures! Both my husband and I love to take pictures, so there is never a shortage of material to scrapbook. My scrapbooking style is always changing, as I love trying new techniques and learning new things.
Do you have any layouts that you would like to do over? Or are you a scrap and leave it kind of girl?? I definitely have layouts I would love to do over! But I rarely get around to redoing them after I'm done. There are just too many layouts to do and too little time! If it's not *perfect* by the time I call it done, it's just not perfect and that's all there is to it!
Describe your scrap space as it is RIGHT NOW! *Embarrassed blush* Couldn't you have asked me that a month ago? Or in a week? You know... when my craft room is clean? Right now it is a COMPLETE mess. I have 3 tables to work on and all three are covered with paper, embellishments, new products, half-done projects. The floor is pretty messy, too... It's bad. elizabeth

What is your absolute can't-live-without-must-have item when you scrap?

My computer. Whether it's finding ideas online, looking up events on our family blog (since there's no way I can remember details like when things happened or what we did if I didn't blog!), editing photos, or printing out journaling, there's no way I could scrap without my computer.
Are you a chronological scrapper or whatever strikes your fancy scrapper??
I am most definitely a "whatever strikes my fancy" scrapper! I'm glad, too, or else it would be terribly obvious what struck my fancy and for how long! "Oh... that was the butterfly phase, and here she was into machine stitching, and these six months must have been all about glitter... whoa." By scrapping out of order all of my phases get mixed together and it makes for a more balanced book overall, I think. I usually scrap my favorite pictures first, then go back through and print the pictures I need to finish "event" pages that I need to complete the album. Those are usually the ones that I end up wanting to redo, but don't because the album is finally finished...


Julie B said...

Thank you so much for your incredible work this month!!! You do great work:)

Maggie said...

I am a what ever strike your fancy!
I can't seem to scrap with out some type of buttons or brads...:)