Monday, March 10, 2008

Wanna know something embarrassing?

I'm still working on reorganizing my craft room. That's not the embarrassing part, though. The embarrassing part is how many toys and tools I'm finding that I just haven't played with yet. Copic markers? Joined the club 2 months ago and still haven't really played. (Though I did order a blender pen from GinaK tonight since I was getting some stamp sets from the new release, too!) Those awesome stamps I won from Cornish Heritage Farms? Yeah... found those, too. The stamps I bought at Hobby Lobby back in January? Filed them away to be played with someday. Cricut Design Studio? Still in the box. It's just pathetic. So many great things to play with, and I've spent so much time designing things for Keepsakes or SPS the last couple months that I have barely had time to play myself. And now that I'm reorganizing, I'm holding myself off from doing big scrapping projects until it's all clean and orderly.

*sigh* I did, however, play a little with my Copic markers tonight for the first time! Wow. Love those markers. I'll write up a little review or something later, but they are GREAT. It's nice to know 2 months (and $50) into the Copic Marker Club I'm glad I joined. I'd hate to have joined and then decided I hated these markers, LOL! But we're good. Whew!

I'll have a few things to show you over the next couple days, but I haven't pulled the pictures off the camera yet, so it'll have to wait. I'll show you my Copic coloring from tonight (and the subsequent cards I put together using my beautious artwork!!) and I've got a couple new layouts to post. One just came together all of a sudden tonight and seriously took 15 minutes while I was cleaning! It was amazing!

Well, I should either go to bed or get back to the reorganization. I'm sort of at a stand still right now with the craft room. I'm trying to figure out...

1. If I want to keep the TV/VCR combo down here and find a place for it, or if I want to put it out of the way somewhere. I've sort of been having fun watching old movies while I'm working.

2. If I'm going to have a full sized computer (including the ginormous old school monitor that is currently in Leif's office) down here once Leif gets the new monitors (yes, plural) for his computer. If so, I need to plan space for that and decide if I want to move the printer as well and just create a little computer corner.

3. If I want to keep my Cricut Expression on the shelf and pull it down when I want to use it, or if I want to put it in the computer corner since it will be hooked up to the computer for design studio work. That is, of course, assuming there will be a computer corner.

4. If there is a computer corner, with or without the Cricut, what do I do with the huge-o radio/CD/double tape deck/record player that I've got here? I think I will have to come to the realization that I've had this for 10 years now and really if I want to listen to music I can just play it off the computer or my mp3 player. It's okay to let go of big things that take up space and collect dust.

So that's sort of where I'm stuck. Once I've got the computer corner and TV sorted out, then I can move on again and try to get everything else into place and put away. It's a big project!!


Susan Beth said...

Huge project! But not embarrassing. It is the state of my entire house! So much to do from a practical point of view and only motivation for the play! Self discipline is applicable to even crafting!

~missprissme said...

Keep the tv and the computer. Get rid of the music player. Put cricut down on the desk near the computer where you can use it.