Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Sleepover!

After this weekend I have decided that perhaps a girl never grows to old for sleepovers! Especially if they include hours upon hours of scrapbooking! Friday evening Susan Beth and I went to Tamara's house to craft and spend the night. It was MARVELOUS! We had SO MUCH FUN working on projects and gabbing and looking through pictures and drooling over Tamara's new stamps and punches and then, of course, playing with said stamps and punches! I can't say that I came away with a ton of layouts finished, but I did make a few more complicated ones that I really like! Plus I chiseled away at Eliana's stack of pictures, so that's always good. We stayed up and scrapped until 2 am, then got up and back at it around 7:30. I almost couldn't sleep, tired though I was, because ideas were just swimming through my head. Thankfully I did fall asleep and I even remembered my ideas the next morning! So it was a productive crafting affair and once I put the finishing touches on some of the layouts I'll have something to share with you.

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