Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Here's the project I made my mom for Mother's Day. I originally got this idea from Kristii and was going to take her class on it at the LSS, but it got canceled so I just made my own. And I LOVE how it turned out!

Happy Mother's Day, MOM! I love you!

(The best part is that my mom flew in yesterday, so I really DO get to spend Mother's Day with her! I had this waiting on her bed for her when she arrived yesterday.)

Here are a few more details of the project...

Instead of the single large photo used in Kristii's project, I chose to use a cascade of photos from several generations.

I guess I'm not completely over the butterflies yet, but I love that the music from these comes from some antique sheet music I have that I scanned in and printed out. A little touch of digital goes a long way!

I'm especially excited about the cameo I used as a flower center. I knew I could do something cool with this when I bought it a year or more ago. But what has me excited most is that I painted it with my alcohol inks to get it just the right color for this project. It's always exciting when something works the way you want it to!

And just for good measure, another look at the whole project, with the shadow box lid open to remove any glare from the glass. I'm sorry the class I was going to take got canceled, but I love how this turned out, so I guess I'm glad after all! Thanks for the inspiration, Kristii!

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