Monday, May 26, 2008

Cricut Play

This is my first project with the Cricut Design Studio software. It's nothing too fancy, but it was fun to make and it gave me a little more practice with the CDS and my Cricut. And I got to use my new Jasmine cartridge, too! I love that I was able to cut this whole thing in one swipe by putting two colors of paper on my mat and arranging the cuts accordingly. The Cricut is so nice because once you have designed your cuts, you just sit there while it does all the work! It really is pretty amazing.

My favorite thing about the banner is the glittery letters...

I intended to have the letters just plain white (because the mat would show through the letter cut out) but when I ran the letter panels through my Xyron I discovered that the adhesive stretched across the letter openings and made them sticky. Instead of de-tacking them one by one I just poured glitter over it and voila! I have glittery letters with no extra effort!

I don't know what my plan for the banner is just yet, but I will probably try to hang it in Eliana's room somewhere. I have plans to make more banners, too. I want to make larger ones for birthday or baby shower decorations - wouldn't they be cute??

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