Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Craft Room... (part 1)

Well, one of these days my craft room will be completely, perfectly, beautifully clean and organized. Of course, then I'll probably want to play in it and mess it all up again. So I thought I'd take pictures of it as I clean and organize and then, perhaps, you'll have a decent look at the changes I've made. I posted pictures of my craft room once before, but that was 2 years ago and it's changed a bit since then. So here is part 1 of my craft room tour:

This is one of three craft tables in my craft room. Aside from a place to work, it also houses my ribbon, cricut mats, some embellishment storage, and my computer corner! Here's a closer look at some of my storage solutions...

My homemade clip-it-up system! I used a rod from Ikea that we originally had in the kitchen when we lived in Iowa. It held our pots and pans. Then when we moved we didn't have a home for it, so we just kept it in the basement in a corner. Then one day I realized that I could hang it off my peg board and use it as the base for a storage system! I bought ringed curtain clips from Joanns and it works pretty well for storing alphabets and other embellishments. I still have a lot of embellishment filed away in the old system, but this is what I'm transitioning to.

This is the same ribbon storage solution I had a couple years ago, but I moved it to the other side of the peg board so that I could put different things over the other table. It's still a great solution for spooled ribbon and I love it!

For all of my ribbon scraps and unspooled ribbon, this is my solution. I either put the ribbon on cards or in little bags and hang them on the hooks. Each hook can hold 5-7 bags, so it's easy to thumb through them when I need to see what I have. It's a great way to keep ribbon scraps accessible for those times when you just need a few inches to complete a project! The holder is, I think, supposed to hold spools of thread or cards with DMC floss. I think. I got it at a consignment sale a few years ago when I bought two magazine racks. I got all 3 for $2, so I didn't care if I ever found a use for this since it was basically free. But now I'm glad I have it because it makes for a great storage solution!

And, of course, my computer corner! I'm really shocked that I was able to go for so long without a computer in my craft room. Granted I just brought my lap top down, but this has been SO nice to have down there! It makes it so easy to scan projects or hook up to my Cricut or watch hulu / listen to music / blog while I craft. It's great! Thank you, LEIF, for getting it all set up for me! =D

So there you have it. A mini tour of part of my craft room. Look for the other installments of this tour coming soon! =D

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leifw said...

You're welcome for the computer! I'm glad you enjoy it.