Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Family

I believe in crafting with your kids. I believe in sharing your passions with them, and I believe in spending time with them. I think too often our hobbies are just that, OUR hobbies, and not something we share with the ones we love. So to encourage scrapbooking moms to share their hobby with their kids, I started teaching "Mom and Me" classes at Keepsakes. The first class was a hit, so I'll be teaching two more this time around. This layout is part of the first one. It's simple, but should be fun for even the littlest crafter. I decorated my tree with flowers, but we will have other punches available for the class, too, like leaves and hearts. I want the kids to feel free to put as many or as few embellishments on the tree as they like. You really can't go wrong with this one, so I want the kids to just play and have fun! Along with this layout we'll make two Father's Day cards as well. The Open House at Keepsakes is tomorrow, so we'll see how many people are interested in the class this time around. I, personally, cannot WAIT until Ellie is old enough to scrapbook with me.

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Kate said...

Hey! I think it's awesome that you want Ellie to scrapbook with you! My Emily is 3 and she LOVES to scrapbook with me. She cuts my paper for me. I put it in and align it correctly and then I tell her to cut and she cuts it. =) And I buy the sticky tabs that you have to peel off just so she can do the job of peeling the tabs. She loves to peel tabs! =P And she has a bunch of her own scrapbook stuff that she just has free reign with. I bet Ellie will be scrappin' with you sooner than you think! =)