Wednesday, April 02, 2008

busy busy busy

Whew! I have been busy, busy, busy the last couple weeks, most recently I have spent two days at Taylor's house helping her with the new twins. That has kept me away from the computer. So you might have noticed there was no Variations on a Sketch posted yesterday. I thought about coming up with one quick and posting it today, but decided not to stress about it and just let it go this week. My to-do list has been growing and I don't need to add one more thing to it. Friday I am going to scrap and I need to use that day to make all my class samples for the next schedule at KBD. Until I get that done I can't do any other scrapping. That is first priority right now. Hopefully I can get it all done on Friday so I can continue with the regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

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Susan Beth said...

Our first priority on scrapbooking are the same. I'm hoping to get on it some tomorrow and then Friday and again on Saturday, and Sunday if I have to! Ugh!