Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's like Christmas!!!

Today I feel like a kid sitting under the Christmas tree, having just opened his gifts, not knowing which to play with first. I love Christmas!!! And today feels just like it (minus the glitzy tree, of course...).

First off, my mother in law came to visit today and she brought my Sizzix order. Yippeee! We played with it a bit this afternoon to find that the dies and the embossing folders work in my Cuttlebug, as I suspected they would. Always good to be right after ordering something in hopes that it will work!!

And when I checked the mail today? Jackpot!! The motherlode of Purple Onion Stamps has arrived!!! One of my favorite things about Purple Onion, too, is that Michele always throws in a few extra stamps for free with your order. So even though I knew some of what I was getting, opening that envelope is always a surprise! Yeah... I just got done applying the pressure sensitive adhesive, so they'll be ready to play with in the morning! Woohoo!

But that's not all!! Also in the mail came... a circle journal!!! That layout I did months ago for Andrea's Music journal finally has a home!!! And I have to say that her journal is AWESOME and now I'm even more excited to get my own back!!!

Oh yeah... and yesterday my Sweet Pea Scraps kit arrived! I pulled everything out and caressed it lovingly before I put it away until I have a little more time to play with it. It's beautiful!!

*sigh* I love days like this. Anyone up for some eggnog?


lauren said...

to play with all that cool fun stuff...i would be willing to make THE ULTIMATE which i mean:

yeah, i'd drink the *EGGNOG*!!! (no offense to eggnog lovers but eeeeeeeewwwww!)

still...the stamps/sizzix/kit...uh-huh...i think it's probably WORTH IT! :) how long a drive do you think it is to MT from NJ? ...and where can i stop & get me one o' those hambly stamps on the way...??!

Anonymous said...

pictures.... where are the photos of all of your new goodies? (i checked out that kit - sooooooo cute)! - tam

andrea said...

sounds like a fabulous mail day!! got my purple onion sale stamps too and they ROCK the house, love those guys! super exciting to hear my journal is at your house, cant wait to get it back, yea! yours should be home shortly it sounds like! x-ing my fingers for ya!