Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm on a roll...

I don't know what's gotten into me. If I were 9 months pregnant, I'd call it nesting, but since I'm NOT I'm just going to chalk it up to insanity.

My craft room is still clean. But that's not the insane part. The crazy thing is that I got my recipes organized and planned out meals until I head to TX in 2 weeks. AND... I cleaned out and reorganized the pantry. Then we went to Sweet Pea (*WOW* btw).

... and when we got home from Sweet Pea I cleaned out the fridge! Now, this isn't your throw-away-the-moldy-food average cleaning. No... this was the pull-out-all-the-shelves-and-deep-clean kind of fridge cleaning. WOW!! The inside of my fridge is sparkling clean!!!

So what's on today's list? Well, if I keep up the motivation, I need to clean (as in vacuum and spot clean) the back seat of the car where Ellie's formula has leaked all over and gotten crusty. Ewwww! I also need to buy groceries. Maybe I'll get that done while she's sleeping and Leif is working on his thesis today. Hmm... that's an idea.

Okay! Off to get more done! I can't believe I'm on a roll here... it's completely insane.


Anonymous said...

a clean fridge is one of my FAVORITE things.... one of these days i'll clean mine again! i didn't even get the chance to do any nesting since davey came early! keep up the good work with your cleaning and crafting and meal planning and all that good stuff! - tam

lauren said...

you are TOO GOOD!!! i'd have to hate someone this organized if she weren't also sweet, funny & crafty!!! :)

ps: have you been over to caardvarks yet today...? just askin'... no reason... ;)