Monday, March 05, 2007

CJ Entry: Music **SPOILER ALERT**

We took a little break from the CJ rotation to let people catch up, but I am going to be out of town, so I worked on the next LO anyway. Andrea's theme is MUSIC and I did something VERY different from what I normally do, but I LOVE how it turned out!

The explanation/journaling is behind the CD (which, btw, does have a song on it, though it might have to be played on a computer and not a CD player... didn't check on that one.) and basically explains the connection I have between the song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" and Picasso's Guernica, which is pictured on the right page. I had a ton of fun doing this LO and, again, wish I were keeping this one for myself. I think I'm going to print out color copies of all of the LO I did for these journals and put them in a book for myself. It won't be as cool as the real LO, but it will help me remember some of my favorite LO. Things I like best about this LO:
Picasso's Guernica and U2 "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" theme - it's like a trip in a time machine for me.
  • The real CD integrated into the LO.
  • Hambly
  • Purple Onion (the Art and Music stamps were ones I got in a random "grab bag" a while back - PERFECT for this LO!)
  • The quotes.
  • The sheet music paper - comes from a book my dear friend Jodi Mae got me back when we were in college... A few of the songs I've written are in this book and I absolutely LOVE the way it's set up. So I cannibalized a sheet for this project.

I hope you like it, Andrea - I had a ton of fun working on this one! My next CJ entry will be "Quotes" - I'd like to get that done before I leave, too, but this week will be busy, so we'll just have to see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

overwhelmed. i am overwhelmed with this LO. it's amazing. i love it. a great collage-feel and totally appropriate to celebrate art & music!

andrea said...

i LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Of course I couldnt resist checking it out! I cant wait to get it! Thanks for the awesome LO for my journal!