Friday, August 17, 2007


Okay girls, when do you want to have our little scrapbooking get-together? Dana's out for Tuesday night, so what about Thursday, or Friday (23rd, or 24th)? Place your vote below (via comments...)

  • Thursday, August 23rd
  • Friday, August 24th
I leave tomorrow for TX. Woohooo!


Jaime said...

If I may invite myself, either day works for me. :-)

Dana said...

aack... i totally forgot.... argh this week is so hectic i keep forgetting. we're having micah and amara's birthday party on saturday which means from wed-fri i'll be working on cakes (yeah we're making two, one for each girl) SO thursday would be best since i am usually up late the night before doing the last minute decorating. BUT if it needs to be friday i will just have to get it done on time!!! :) i AM coming one way or another!!! ;)