Thursday, August 02, 2007

That's more like it! (Caardvarks Micro Challenge - Junk Bowl #2)

After my first, somewhat unsatisfactory, attempt at the Junk Drawer challenge, I went back to my craft table to see what was left of the pile. From the remains I pulled a shard of ric-rack, rhinestones a plenty, an eyelet, and a couple clips, as well as a half-completed card face that got thrown into the reject pile when I was experimenting with card ideas for my card classes this summer. Then I put them all together and came up with this. Yes, THAT's more like what I was looking for.


Far North said...

Wow that is lots of BLING! I Love it!...The wave is great!...Jan

Jaime said...

I like that, too! Definitely different from the first, but very pretty!

Crafty in Calgary said...

I am lovin' the bling!! Nice card!