Friday, August 03, 2007

Day Two...

Not only did I scrapbook AND make a couple cards yesterday, but my craft room is still clean. Yes, I put everything away when I was done using it, including paper scraps.

And in the rest of the house? Well, I've got the dishwasher running, the laundry put away, and I'm getting ready to go put my newest menu mailers in the book and plan meals for the next little while.

Last night we had a menu mailer crock pot meal (love that crock pot! the house smelled wonderful all day!) but tonight I don't have to cook dinner because... IT'S SWEET PEA! We're going to go see the show tonight, and I'm picking Leif up from work, so I imagine we'll either eat at Sweet Pea or grab something quick in town.

Also, on a food related note, I'm back on the Spark Wagon and working on day 2. Life would be great if I can keep all of this up for the next couple weeks! Maybe I'll even get back to Fly Ladying. Wow. That would be something.

Anyway- off to plan meals!!

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