Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun, fun, fun

Okay... so I'll double check with my mom, but let's tentatively plan on Thursday evening at the Bitikofer home for scrapbooking. (And Jaime, you're definitely invited! It will be good to see you again.) We'll do the same thing we did last time... bring your craft and a snack to share and we'll meet around... 7ish? Feel free to come later if you need to get kiddos into bed first. And we'll craft to our little hearts' content. =D

Oh yeah... I'll check the blog, but to get in touch with me, email me (I think most of you have my email) or call my folks' house. They're in the phone book.


Susan Beth said...

I just checked your blog - have fun at the Thursday evening scrap and think of me out in the cold Montana night air camping (and hopefully taking some photos to use at a scrapbooking event soon). What I wanted to comment on was/is the craft fair thing a few entries ago! I'll be there! I'm marking the calendar for that because it looks like a lot of fun. I'll try to get some others to join me so Jansse had kids to play with that he knows already. Can't wait to see your wares, and I hope you meet with a great deal of success there!

Susan Beth

Dana said...

i'm bringing chips and fresh salsa! :)