Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today's Progress...

I managed to get some work done on our Alaska Album today... and got it completely finished! I'll post photos when I feel like waiting for blogger to slowly upload a dozen or so photos... In the meantime, I did work on my 2003 stack as well. I discovered that I'd already done a LO of us at Ousel Falls, so I can mark that off my list. I also did LO of Dave and Tam in Bozeman and us in front of our home.
(I wrote a bunch of journaling underneath the green paper... mostly I talked about how much I love the food at these places. To read the journaling, see my post on 2peas.)

That means... I'm done with 2003 until I print the remaining photos! Yipee! Ah... progress feels good. I told Leif today that working on this goal and seeing progress and tangible results gives me a very satisfied feeling. It also gives me hope that maybe, just maybe I'll be able to reach the goal that I've set. When I set it I didn't think I could. But now... well, maybe I can.

Tomorrow night is craft night and I'm planning on bringing along the two baby books I need to finish - one for me and one for Robert. I was making pretty good progress on them until my sewing machine started skipping stitches. I got frustrated and gave up. I think it's time to pull them down again and see if I can't make some serious progress in the few hours we craft tomorrow.

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