Thursday, May 11, 2006

Personal Challenge #1

My personal challenge for the weekend of May 13-14 is to do 5 LO with designs inspired in some way by my Book of Scraps (BOS) on 2peas. I've been looking through all the LO I've put into my BOS and I REALLY like a lot of them. So.... I'm going to finally use them for inspiration.

5 BOS-inspired LO finished by Monday, May 15. (Which, btw, is the next craft night. I'm going to work on putting together my baby announcements. Minus the birth information, of course.)

Hopefully Sunday night I will be able to post 5 LO with links to the inspiration pages as well as an updated list of the LO that still need to be done. We'll be in Billings for Mother's Day on Saturday, so this truly will be a challenge for me!

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