Monday, May 08, 2006

Craft Night!

We had craft night tonight and I got one of the two baby books completely finished! Woohoo! That's a big check mark on my to-do list. I should be able to finish the last book at the next craft night - then I'll be done with baby books for a while... I've got two done for my own sweet bambino already, so those first few months should be covered!

In other craft night news, I think we've decided to move craft night to every week instead of every other week. Let the creative juices and the good times roll!


Anonymous said...

seriously? so jealous that you'll have craft night weekly. how fun is that to look forward to? i don't even have one monthly anymore.... all my crafting friends dropped out. sigh. maybe i'll try again in the fall. congrats on getting one of those baby albums FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED. - tam

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah. I'm really excited about craft night each week. We started on a monthly basis, then around Christmas we decided to go twice a month so we could work on Christmas projects. We liked it so well that we never went back. Now we've had a bit of a schedule pile-up and have had three in a row - and liked it, so decided every week was a great idea. I love craft night.