Thursday, May 04, 2006

I decided that for as much as I love my baby blog, and as much as I love posting on 2peas, I needed a place to share and post my recent creative endeavors. Mostly I hope to post recent scrapbook layouts to share with family and friends, but I also plan to muse, and post other domestic or crafting projects here. I am almost done with school for the year, so I hope to have more time for crafting in the near future. Not to mention that I have a LONG list of scrapbooking/crafting projects I plan to tackle before the baby arrives in July.

And as for the name... after a three year hiatus, I'm just glad that my inner "Martha" (I mean, really, is it necessary for me to refer to Ms. Stewart by anything other than just "Martha"?) has returned. I've missed her.

So here, in this tiny corner of cyberspace, I plan to celebrate the return of my prodigal creative self by subjecting others to my crafting whims. Enjoy!

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