Saturday, May 13, 2006

T minus 6

Six weeks left and these are the LO I still need to do... Italicized are LO I've added to the list since I originally made it.

  • Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center with Dave and Tam (8.5x11)*
  • Kayaking the Yellowstone (8.5x11)*
  • Yellowstone Bike Ride (12x12)
  • Yellowstone with Robert (12x12) - 2pg
  • 26th Birthday (12x12)
  • Charlotte and Elizabeth Pregnancy (12x12)
  • Charlotte and Elizabeth Pregnancy (8.5x11)
  • Backpacking Hyalite (12x12)
  • Christmas in Belgrade (12x12)
  • Christmas with Leif's Family (12x12)
  • Basement Construction (12x12)*
  • Oregon Coast (12x12)
  • JD and Kara (12x12)
  • New Car (12x12)*
  • Washing the Prius (12x12)
  • Big Horn Sheep (12x12)
  • Rhett's Wedding (12x12)
  • Texas Baby Shower (12x12)*
  • Petra Banquet (12x12)
  • Alyse (12x12)
  • Before I was a Mom (12x12)
  • Our Daily Commute (12x12)
* I still need to print photos for these LO.

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