Saturday, May 13, 2006

Personal Challenge #1 - complete

Yay! My first personal challenge is not only complete, but ahead of schedule! Even with a trip to Billings (2+ hours away) today, I still managed to do two more LO based on LO saved in my BOS. Here they are... (with links to the inspiring LO)

(inspired by this LO)

"Corn Maze"
(Inspired by this LO)

For both of these LO I ended up using some pp I really didn't know what I would ever use for. And I actually like how both of these turned out, even with the die cut corn in "Corn Maze". I've had the die cut since we lived in Iowa (it was fitting then, and they weren't nearly so out of style) - and I've finally used it! I've been trying to use my stash... I seem to accumulate so much stuff that I never use - either I can't find a good use for it, or I am "saving" it for that perfect LO. Well, now is the time to be ruthless and use it all up! Those papers I've never really liked and those marvelous embellishments I've never been able to bring myself to use. The time has come!

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