Sunday, May 07, 2006

T minus 7

7 weeks left to accomplish my scrapbooking goals. Here's the updated list:

  • Dave and Tam in Bozeman (8.5x11)
  • Hiking Ousel Falls with Dave and Tam in Bozeman (8.5x11)
  • Hiking Palisade Falls with Dave and Tam in Bozeman (8.5x11)*
  • Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center with Dave and Tam (8.5x11)*
  • Leif and Elizabeth and our new house (8.5x11)
  • Kayaking the Yellowstone (8.5x11)*

  • Glacier with Dave and Tam (12x12)
  • S'mores with Dave and Tam (12x12)
  • Yellowstone Bike Ride (12x12)
  • Leif and Dad Hiking Sacajawea (12x12)
  • Corn Maze with Shannon (12x12)
  • 26th Birthday (12x12)
  • Thanksgiving in Texas (12x12)
  • Charlotte and Elizabeth Pregnancy (12x12)
  • Charlotte and Elizabeth Pregnancy (8.5x11)
  • Backpacking Hyalite (12x12)
  • Christmas in Belgrade (12x12)
  • Christmas with Leif's Family (12x12)
  • Basement Construction (12x12)*
  • Oregon Coast (12x12)
  • Alaska Album - finish the journaling (10x10)
  • JD and Kara (12x12)*
  • New Car (12x12)*
  • Washing the Prius (12x12)*
  • Big Horn Sheep (12x12)*
  • Rhett's Wedding (12x12)
  • Texas Baby Shower (12x12)*
  • Petra Banquet (12x12)
  • Leif Holding Tjabe (12x12)
  • Alyse (12x12)
  • Before I was a Mom (12x12)
  • Our Daily Commute (12x12)
* I still need to print photos for these LO.

My plan for today is to work on a few more LO. It would be great to get 2003 (except for the LO I still need photos for) done.

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Anonymous said...

yippee!! i just updated tamstreasurebox with a nice long entry. i'll try to keep it more updated. also, i'm SO TEMPTED to twopeas all the great stuff i've created lately, but i'm trying to hold back b/c i might enter a contest where you have to have 20 LOs and at least 12 of them have to be unpublished (including on message boards like twopeas). i don't plan to work my butt off to create 20 wonderful pages, but i am willing to go through my stash to see what i have to see if i have enough LOs i would like to enter. but back to you. great organization for yourself, dear friend. love that you even know which LOs you have yet to print photos! wow. i'll try to remember to pack our italy album(s) in the car when we head east to see you at the end of THIS MONTH!!!! love ya! tam