Sunday, May 14, 2006

Adding to the list...

I recently came across some other photos that I need to scrap, so I'm adding to the list...

2003 -
Bitikofers at Ousel (12x12) - July
Backpacking the Spanish Peaks (12x12) - 2pg
Home Improvement - Yard Work (12x12)
Home Improvement - Building the Deck (12x12)

2004 -
Sweet Pea Festival (12x12) - August 2pg
Columbia Crest (12x12)
Installing the Hot Tub (12x12) - September

2005 -
Yellowstone Bike Ride (12x12)
Leif and Elizabeth at Lava Lake (12x12) - June 25
Hiking Middle Cottonwood Creek with Kendra and Lily (12x12)
Summer Party (12x12) - 2pg
Stephanie's Baby Shower (12x12) - 2pg?
Dad's Airplane (12x12)
Bitikofers at Grotto Falls (12x12)
Leif and Elizabeth at Grotto Falls (12x12)?
Dad and Leif Playing Bocce Ball (12x12)

Miscellaneous -
My Mom, My Friend (12x12) - Grotto Falls Photos 2005

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