Saturday, August 02, 2008

I still have things to add...

... but my ETSY SHOP is up and running again!! Right now I've got some items up for Fall and Halloween, and I'll be adding more items (hopefully) as the day goes on. This weekend is Sweet Pea, so I'll be there most of the day, but we've still got an hour or so before we leave so I'm hoping to get a few more items up! I'll just keep uploading as I have time (hopefully all this weekend while Leif can help keep an eye on Eliana since she is the main reason I don't get much done on the computer these days!) until all of the items are up. My ultimate goal is to have an etsy update each month so items are holiday appropriate and stay fresh! Right now I'm working on Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving. So keep checking back to see the new stuff!!

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