Sunday, August 24, 2008

After I said I wasn't going to do it....

... I am cleaning out the craft room again. I'm gathering a box of scrapbooking supplies to offer on Freecycle, and another of general crafting supplies. There is just too much stuff in that craft room of mine, though I never thought I'd hear myself say it. But there's a new furniture arrangement down there (which I hope to be able to show off by Craft Night in September!) and some organizational projects that I've started and not yet finished (like applying Tack-It to the rest of the stamps I unmounted months and months ago! Yes, that project has dragged on and it's time to be done!) that I want to finally complete. I'm really hoping to have it ALL DONE (new organizational systems in place and everything) by the time my brother comes to visit in September, but that only leaves me 12 days to do it! Good thing I worked on it some more today, huh?

Oh, but the gift wrapping station? GREAT. I love it. I've used it once to wrap a gift, but now all I need is more people to buy stuff from my etsy shop. Get to it, people! I want to use my wrapping station some more! =D

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