Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I need to craft. Desperately.

I desperately need to craft.


It has been so long since I've been down in my craft room, and even longer since I've actually scrapped. My days have been filled with a 2 year old who doesn't nap any more, and my evenings filled with the household chores I didn't get done because Ellie needed me to play with her or help her or just be with her. Craft time? Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So this weekend (Thursday through Sunday) we headed to Yellowstone to camp, and I brought my knitting and crocheting along. I desperately needed to craft. Have I mentioned that yet? I more or less just yarncrafted (I don't think that's a word, but it's fitting and easier to say than "knitted or crocheted") while we were in the car driving (we live about 2 hours from the west entrance to Yellowstone) and I managed to complete a scarf and hat, the top portion of a shirt or dress (that I will finish with fabric), and I've got three more scarves in the works, one over halfway done and the others about a third done each. It was calming. It was relaxing. I need more crafting in my life. I always say it is my sanity, but until recently I didn't realize how much I really do NEED it.

So... I'll post pictures sometime of the projects I yarncrafted over the weekend. I'm gearing up for fall already. It's weird. But I'm oddly happy that I can sit and craft pretty, warm things and it doesn't require much space or cleanup and Ellie can't get into it too badly. But oh, how I miss my scrapbooking. I haven't even touch my last two Sweet Pea Scraps kits. Not even touched. As in, haven't even opened the bags to see what's inside. How sad is that?

But sooner or later I will get to craft again. Hopefully in September, when I am bringing Craft Night back after its untimely death with Michael's move to Austrailia. Even if it's just me and a friend or two, I'm bringing Craft Night back in September. I have to. I. Need. To. Craft.


Dana said...

now add three more pairs of grabby hands and 4+ years of not touching a picture (other than in your obligated league scrapbook) and then you can complain!!! ;)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Ah, but I happen to own one of your aprons (THANK YOU, btw!) and I've seen your cakes... you've been crafting... =D