Friday, August 15, 2008

Cards with scraps...

A while back I decided to use up the scraps in one of my SPS kits. I also had some DCWV cards that I had and decided to use up... the results are simple, but sometimes simple is good. I put some of them up in my etsy shop just to see if simple cards are what people are looking for (still trying to find my niche... I think I've got an idea I haven't seen from anyone else, but those will have to wait until the September release, provided I get them finished. Worked on them some more last night, so hopefully they'll be done pretty soon. I'm down to the embellishment phase, which is the most fun. Also the most time consuming...) but here's a look at what I did with my scraps:

So it's not new craftiness, but unless you check my etsy store, it's new to you! =D I'll see if I can't dig up a few more new things to share with you (I'm pretty sure I've got some layouts I just haven't taken pictures of yet) until I actually get to my own crafting again. In the meantime, enjoy the cards!

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