Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crafting again and baby gifts!

Yep, I got to craft. I'm working on some new things for my Etsy shop (there will hopefully be an update next week, so I'm gearing up for it!!) so last night after Ellie was in bed and while Leif was doing something on the computer, I sat down with Angel season 2 and crafted! It was wonderful. I enjoyed it. *sigh*

And I went to a babyshower tonight, complete with handmade gift! Hooray! I feel very strongly that gifts (at least from me) ought to be handmade in some way, so I was glad to have had the time to finish up Deila's gift in time for the shower! I've got a gift already made for Anita's baby shower (I'll have to send the gift with my mom), but there are more babies on the way, so I guess I've got to get busy again! While I'm thinking about it, let's just figure out who I need gifts for in the next little while...

Stephanie - twins (gender unknown)
Catherine - girl
Ariana - girl
Anita - boy DONE
Tam - girl

So that makes 5 baby gifts I need to get cracking on, that I can remember. I think there are probably more that aren't coming to mind, but this list is enough to get started on.


Ivy Six-Pack said...

Once they have their gifts, will you share what you did? I have too many babies coming too!!! Well, never too many, but lots of gifts to think of!

delilah said...

You can send me a baby gift. I'm due in December ;) J/K
Your crafts are beautiful!

Taylor Taylor said...

Wow. That is a lot of babies.

Tamara said...

i'm on the list! i'm on the list! woo hoo for more hand-crafted goodness from the talented MIM herself!!! :) i only wish we didn't live so far away so we could craft TOGETHER again!!