Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting stuff done!

I'm getting stuff done today and I am jazzed about it! I've been seriously giddy all day. You'd think I was crafting, but I'm not.

I'm cleaning.

And organizing.

And that's almost just as good. (Oh wow. I believe I just crossed the threshold and turned into my mother.)

While we were camping I started dreaming about ways I could improve the messy situation in our basement that is the other half of the space I share with my craft room. I'm not touching my craft room right now, but I have needed to organize the "laundry center" and that started me on this grand reorganization scheme. So today I put some of it into action and I cleaned out the under-the-stairs storage space (which was relatively organized already, but I moved some stuff around, consolidated some things, and freecycled a bunch of stuff) which left me with a little more space in there that I promptly turned into....


Yes, I have gone crazy. But I am SO EXCITED about this little space of mine. A place to wrap gifts (because I tend to get a little excited about wrapping gifts and want all my gift wrapping goodies at my fingertips) and a place to pack up etsy orders to ship. It's not quite done yet, but it's turning out nicely, and I should be very close to done tomorrow after I buy a few more supplies. I'm hanging my wrapping paper and tissue paper on the wall using curtain rods and it's turning out marvelously! Now I just have to figure out how to put up a shelf in such a way that it doesn't block all the light over my little table.

And because I'm getting stuff done, I'm excited. It's sort of making up for the craftless angst I was feeling and that's always a good thing. In addition to the closet/laundry/wrapping station organization, I am reorganizing our exercise/weight lifting equipment so it's easier to use, too. There was stuff piled on the weight bench and random free weights all over the floor, so I cleared off a shelf I had been using for craft supplies (for those crafts I have admitted I will never do, like candle making and paper making - those supplies get freecycled!) and used that space to neatly store the weights, in order by poundage. It feels good to have everything getting organized so the space is useable. The next step is to create a "photography studio" for Leif since I let junk spill over into it last time he tried to have one. Ooops. But I have plans for that, too, and then plans for the craft room, but I think we are going to insulate the walls in that room, so the craft room will have to be COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLED first for that. So I'm not touching the craft room right now. That can come later.

Ah, how good it feels to plan out a project (yes, I even drew diagrams of how I wanted things arranged while I was planning on our trip!) and see it coming to fruition. Today was a wonderful day!!


Tamara said...

yippee!!! i can totally relate to your JOY over organization and making things neat, tidy and USEFUL! i'm proud of you for cleaning out some unused craft supplies, too. good job!!!

Susan Beth said...

So glad it was a good day. I understand being excited about projects like this. Gives a real feeling of accomplishment.