Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It doesn't seem like I've been getting very much papercrafting in lately, except for the layout I posted yesterday. The card and mini album I posted I'd done earlier (because I've had this sketch in my head, just waiting for the first Tuesday of February!) and with all the other stuff I've been doing lately I just haven't been making cards or scrapbook pages. That goes for today, too.

The downside to the recent cake fiasco* is that I didn't get all of Taylor's gift done for the shower. So I gave her half the gift, but finished making the rest of it this afternoon. Which means.... I actually used my sewing machine to SEW, not scrapbook! Woohoo! That's pretty rare in my house.

I spent the afternoon making 3 hooded towels. The first was a brown one for Ellie and test run to make sure I knew what I was doing (since I don't believe in patterns, measuring, or even using pins if I can help it...) before I started in on the baby gifts. I made the hood a little too big, so Ellie can use it to dress up like the Grim Reaper if she wants to someday, but it will work for now and I was able to adjust my design for the "real" projects of the afternoon.

The second and third towels are pink, with white lace around the hood. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. They have large hoods, too. I'm pretty sure that will overwhelm the newborn babies' heads, but it will be nice when they are toddlers. The hooded towels we got when Ellie was born (the big, handmade ones, that is - not the teeny tiny store bought kind) are getting too small for us to dry her head with while she's wrapped up in them. So I made these big enough that the Taylor** twins will be able to use them for a good long time. =D

*by the way, the "reject" cake tasted really good, and I was even told it didn't look bad. I'm still glad I went with the backup cake, but I had to laugh when Leif took it to work and his coworkers said, "Wow! This is the reject cake? I wanna see the REAL cake!" Little do they know that the "real" cake came from Costco!

** for the record, that is not a typo, and neither is the reference to Taylor's shower. The mom's first name is Taylor, and she is married to a man whose last name is Taylor, thus the babies' last name is Taylor, aka the Taylor twins. Her name is not, however, Taylor Taylor, but would be if she had taken his last name.

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lauren said...

i think your friend taylor made the right choice in keeping her maiden name, under the circumstances! :)

(ps: can i get one o' those "grim reaper" towels?? there's a few people at work i could use that on...)