Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rule # 265

Rule #265 of party planning is:

Always buy a back-up cake.

It's a good rule, too. I didn't give up on my cake. I tried. And I tried. And I tried. I made a batch of the tried-and-true Cricso/powdered sugar/milk buttercream frosting, filled a disposable piping bag (because I did NOT want to try to clean a real piping bag after all the trouble this little cake had caused me already) and started frosting the cake with a wide, flat tip. It was all good, until the pressure built up in my little piping bag so much that the side burst and the frosting squirted out the side. Wow. Never had that happen before... But I managed to makeshift my way to finishing the frosting application only to realize that the cake really didn't look very good. And my buttercream somehow went on a different texture than it started out, so I couldn't even use a knife or spatula to smooth it out and move it around. It was weird. I decided a diversion was the answer and got ready (with a new piping bag) to pipe frosting swirls along the sides of the cake so people wouldn't notice that it wasn't perfect. And wouldn't you know, the side of THAT piping bag burst as well! No more buttercream for those bags!

So that's when I decided that this was not the cake for my shower. And I was glad I bought the backup cheesecake.

I still haven't given up on my little cake, though, and I will be serving it at my Mary Kay party on Monday night. I can slice it up and serve it on plates and it will taste delicious. And no one will ever know what it looked like before I sliced it.

I'll post a picture of the finished cheesecake after I put the royal frosting decorations on it. Really, I'm sure I'll post pictures of the whole shower soon.


Dana said...

sounds like your buttercream was too dry. and have you tried using parchment triangles for your bags?

lauren said...

yes indeedy, a woman who has a "backup cheesecake" on hand is one who shall NEVER be thrown by the vicissitudes of life!

(have i mentioned you're my *HERO*??!) :)

Jaime said...

Okay, pictures of the cheesecake are all fine and dandy, but I really want pictures of YOUR cake! I'm very curious now how it looks. :-)

Good thinking on the backup cake. :-)

Oh, I've been looking at Copics and I'm really, really considering buying some. I hope you'll post your stuff you do with yours once you get them!