Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight must be a night of mistakes. Well, just the last hour or so, I guess. First, all the colors in my last post are messed up, so you can only read it all if you highlight it. I tried changing it, but no luck. *sigh*

Second, I just uploaded a series of pictures to 2ps. They're of the class I taught tonight, only somehow I managed to stick a totally random (and not too flattering) photo of myself in the bunch, and I can't seem to get THAT changed, either! But you have to check it out, because I think it's hilarious. Stupid mistake. Stupid, unfixable mistake. *sigh*

I think the internet is ganging up on me.


Tamara said...

first of all, those cards are GORGEOUS. please provide us with a tutorial. second, may i potentially "borrow" some ideas/concepts from those cards for one of my tuesday card classes? third, i LIKE that photo of you. i don't know, but i guess i'm a fan of fun close-ups like that. i think it's a cute photo and should move into your "i like it" pile! :) hopefully tomorrow will be a better computer day!

lauren said...

ooooooooooooooh those cards are UN-BE-flippin-LIEVABLE!!! and hey...i LIKE that little it's in just the right place...after the single shots and before the a little and totally justified, "TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA"! (besides, as *unflattering* photos are not even on the horizon with that one!!! trusssssst me. OOF!)