Thursday, November 15, 2007


Isn't this the most glorious stamp set ever??? (umm... I just realized it's sort of a clear image and doesn't show up very well on my blog, so click the picture and you'll get to see it clearer...) It's from PaperTrey Ink and soon it will be MINE! They released it last month and I fell in love with it thanks to Thinking Inking and this card:

Debbie Olson does the most beautiful work I have seen and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this set. I checked out PaperTrey Ink that night, but didn't have my credit card on me, so I decided to wait until the morning to order it. Imagine the sad, sinking feeling in my heart when I logged on first thing in the morning, credit card in hand, and the set was SOLD OUT! It has been a month now and I have been checking every couple days to see if it was available. Well, as they promised, it became available again yesterday. And you can bet your sweet bippy I bought that thing at like 11:00 last night!! It's on it's way to my house soon and I am SO excited. Pretty sure this beautiful set will come in handy when I do next year's Christmas cards.

(By the way, I just checked and the set is still available if you want to get one of your own. Click on the stamp set picture and it will take you to the right page.)

Okay... back to doing useful things and not drooling over my soon-to-be new stamp set. I need to clean up the house and get my little girl cleaned up. Cottage cheese all over. Fun. Well, have a good day and do something creative!!


lauren said...

ok, i looked at the set and thought, "yeah, that's a nice one" but remained untempted...until i saw YOUR CARD! yikes...that IS a diabolically *great* set!!!!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Oh, it's not MY card... It's Debbie Olson's card! She is incredible. But I plan to be just like her someday, LOL!! And I have high hopes for something similar for my own Christmas cards next year. =D