Friday, November 30, 2007

Headin' South...

Well, tomorrow Ellie and I are heading to TX for 2 weeks. I'm not taking my computer and I'll be the mercy of my parents' dial-up connection, so this may be the last you see of me for a while. (Except for you Longview-ites, but we'll get to you in a minute.) I'm hoping to backlog a few blog posts so I can just publish them while I'm down south, but we'll see how much I get done today and whether or not that happens. In the meantime, here is the layout I did of Ellie's FIRST trip to TX last October. I had a third picture with a close up of the hidden journaling, but I accidentally deleted it, so you'll just have to remember reading about it from last year instead. =D

Now... for all you Longview-ites... I'll be in Texas for 2 weeks. Wanna play?? Email me and we'll make plans!

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lauren said...

well of course you won't read this for 10 days then...but if i don't WRITE IT now, i'll forget! (yes indeedy...short term memory IS the first to go!)

have a FANTABULOUS trip...and of course...take lots of photos! :) ciao!